Why not just do it yourself?

How we are different from your Google

You might be wondering what the point of organising your holiday through a Package Tour Operator is when you are perfectly capable of booking your own trip.

And we get that.

What we do is offer a lot more than just flights and hotels. Our speciality and expertise lie in delivering the complete package and the finest experiences under the best time management, because we understand how precious your time is. Trust our insights and expertise; we will get the job done and deliver the most incredible holidays of your life.

Exclusive Packages with the best value

As a traveller, we know what you need and want, what is necessary and what you might not think of yourself. We've covered and thought of everything, from flights and hotels, travel insurance and airport-hotel transfers to local tour guides, excursions, entry tickets and meals. Every single package was designed with you in the heart of it all.

Our longstanding relationships with airlines, hotel partners and licensed tour guides guarantee excellent value, and you will find that if you try to book it all by yourself, you will end up paying a lot more. And, let's face it, you are more likely to forget something.

Unique Experiences

Whether you wish to embark on a trip of a lifetime privately or prefer to join a small group of like-minded individuals, your choice is our command, and nothing is too much. Our Premium tour packages create life-long stories to be told, and our itineraries are brimming with brilliant ideas, from hold-your-breath escapades to small and unscripted moments of joy.

The dedicated licensed and, most importantly, local guides are there to introduce you to their home country and reveal its secrets. Put your trust in us, and you will not be disappointed.

Expert time management

We know that time is your most precious resource, especially on holiday. That’s why our trips are built with balance in mind. A little group time, a little you time – the way it should be.

We have expert knowledge and understanding of each of our destinations. Thanks to that, we know how much you can and should see, do and experience in the limited time you have on your holiday. We don't just visit the most famous, obvious places to tick them off the list while wasting time travelling to and fro. We design our tours and excursions with care and passion and always strive to get you close to the local culture and its people, delivering unforgettable and unique experiences in the best possible timeframe. Because we don't want you to see it all - we want you to experience the best.

Peace of mind

We're always there for you in case of queries or emergencies, both in UAE and at the destinations. And just in case a supplier fails, we have plenty of alternatives. You will not be left on your own to deal with any unforeseen circumstances; it is our job to take your stress away.